Denim jeans are one of the highest water consuming article of clothing in our wardrobe. Every stage from sowing cotton to dyeing the yarn requires enormous amounts of water. But water consumption doesn’t stop when the jeans are stitched. Getting the worn-in look requires another round of water extensive processes.

In 2014, Chip Burgh, Levis CEO suggested washing the jeans less frequently. He even went on to say that the pair he was wearing hadn’t seen a washing machine in more than a year. The whole concept of washing jeans less to save water is brilliant but wearing a pair for a year without a single wash sounds disgusting.

The idea of washing jeans less frequently excited Salman, the founder of ODO™. Salman has worked with many textile brands and has extensive experience in the field. He set out to develop a special denim fabric that self-cleans and doesn’t need to be washed without compromising on the cleanliness and hygiene.

Research shows that stink and stains are the deciding factors for washing jeans. The development of self-cleaning denim fabric meant creating a surface that repels everyday stains like coffee, coke, soil etc. and imparting permanent anti-microbial properties.

Ansen joined the team and for a year the duo focused on the development of ODO™. The focus remained on creating a denim fabric that has self-cleaning properties permanently embedded in the fabric. Extensive testing, trails and lab tests resulted in the birth of ODO™.

At ODO™, we believe in fashion that doesn’t hurt the planet.

We have worked hard to redefine how we wear jeans. ODO™ costs as much as any other pair of jeans but what it does for the planet is priceless.

Our Mission: Creating an intelligent solution of conserving water without changing your lifestyle.

Our Vision: Join the denim revolution and save water fashionably.

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